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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrift Store and New Shoes

Here in Utah our local thrift stores are mostly Deseret Industries (DI).  My family loves to find all kinds of bargains there and since I had a bit of time to play today I went in to my local store.  I was looking for a jar to keep my homemade rosewater in but of course no jar for that but look what I brought home!
In the back is a candle holder for my Winterberry by Pfaltzgraff Christmas/Winter dishes.  Now I have a matched pair as I had bought one at a yard sale last summer...

The oil/vinagar bottle is going to join the others in my paper crafting supplies and the candy dish will now become my Kosher salt holder.  There is a funny story behind the salt container.
When my family visited us for my dd's HS graduation  we had a bunch of pineapple pieces leftover from the fruit tray after the party.  My sweet Mom decided to make a pineapple casserole for dinner the next night.  She needed some sugar and spotted the bowl sitting on my stove.  We dug into the casserole that evening for supper and YUCKY!  She didn't know I kept Kosher salt in my sugar bowl as we didn't use that much sugar  LOL  One day I spotted the little ceramic "tag" of word salt and knew it needed to come home with me.  I put away the sugar bowl and used a candy dish much like the one in the picture.  It had just been accidentally broken last week and I was glad to get a new salt container.
As for the shoes.  I went into Ross hoping to find a pair of flatter black sandals but saw these cute tan/nude ones and was thrilled.  I love White Mountain shoes because comfort is just as important to the company as looks.  These looked cute but they have the welcome bonus of being so very comfortable.

The only problem is the sticker that some "idiot" placed on the suede foot-bed!  Sheesh, as you can see it hasn't been easy trying to get it off and I don't want to ruin my sandals or have that sticky tag getting goo on the bottom of my foot.  I am going to do some surfing on the net and hopefully find a solution...stay tuned.
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Dorothy said...

Put your sandal in the freezer for a couple hours. That should harden the adhesive so you can "chip" it off -- maybe with an old credit card.

Unknown said...

Goo Be Gone will also work and should rinse off clear...