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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kitchen Herbs

I love growing herbs but I don't always have the best success with in-ground planting...unless it is something that almost grows all by itself!  LOL
I have a huge sage plant, chives that do very well and a rosemary in a pot that has made it through two winters in the house.  The more tender herbs are much less successful. 
I saw a cute pin on Pintrest where someone(s) had used kitchen colanders to grow plants.  Well, why not try the herbs in a few?  I had Mr Creative search the local thrift store for them every time he went and we ended up with three.  In went some of those cocoa fiber basket liners and then potting soil.  I figured they would do as well as in pots.  One warning I found was to be sure the metal containers didn't get too hot as they will "cook" the plants.  YIKES!
So far they are doing pretty well, I planted oregano, sweet basil, cilantro, and a stray petunia.  I think the basil is now ready to cut both in the colander planter and in the multi-plant pot that is growing herbs in the side openings and a patio tomato on the top.
Fingers crossed for a successful herb growing method at last!


Anonymous said...

Herbs do more than verbs dont they.
Molasses is said to be a nice supplement for various some mixed with more water.


KindleLover said...

It's been about a month since I visited your blog, and the first thing I clicked on was the video about creativity. I've really loved (and lived!) that message, and I've recognized the blessing that I've had more freedom to be creative since I converted almost two years ago with my family.
Watch your mailbox this week, I've plumped up your prize since you've had to wait so long. I hope you like it.