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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Squash and a New Computer

After all the hard work of getting the garden established Mr Creative is getting to see some wonderful results!  Yep, those are baby Spaghetti squash on the vines!  We are really glad to see them as they are one of our favorite squashes to replace a carb heavy food, pasta.  Now, I am looking for the first tomatoes  LOL

Son A bugged us until we FINALLY gave the go-ahead to build us a new computer.  He ordered it from his favorite site and once it got here assembled it "in a trice" as they used to say.  It is much faster than the old one and is very quiet too!  LOL
He has also hooked up the old hard drive so that we can bit by bit transfer information that might still be on it like email addresses etc.
Busy weekend here as we got a bunch of yard work done and a little too much sun on the shoulders and neck but I will survive.  I am glad to be over my sore throat as I was worried I was getting sick but it was probably just a reaction to all the cooler weather and dampness.

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