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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tomato Plants

I told Mr Creative that once Christmas was over we needed to get our Aero Gardens back to growing some plants. We decided to do tomatos this time. I have friends that have had success with the tomato plants so cross your fingers that ours do as well.
I need to get some lettuce and herbs for the second garden asap so they can get growing as well.
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Lynn said...

I rec'd a smaller 3 pod garden two years ago from my daughter. She keeps me in bulbs and seed pods and right now i have one lonely tomato plant growing but it does have 2 cherry tomato's on it! You have the one my daughter has and she grown tomato's all the time. Have fun! Enjoy!

B+B said...

Yummy! You can send some to us! Home grown Tomatos are so yummy!