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Friday, February 18, 2011

Design Wall Friday 2-18

Hard to believe it is Friday again and time to show what's up in quilting.
This week brings block #6 for the Harry Potter Project of Doom quilt. The top photo shows all 6 blocks together. They are looking pretty fine I would say.
Below is block 6 close up. We had two books and a flask of a potion to make. Pulled out some interesting fabrics this time I think LOL
Can you tell what potion I put in my little flask? If you are a Harry Potter fan I am sure you can guess. The designer of the quilt made one with Lace Wing Flys in it but no fly fabric in my stash so I picked something different . Not so sure I like the pink I used in the middle book. Somehow the print doesn't "fit" the book fabric. I may just remake that book in the future if it bothers me.
This is the first of my goal baby quilts for charity. If you remember my Underground Railroad quilt that isn't at all a civil war theme...this is part of the leftovers. I plan to use this sort of stuff to make 6 total quilt tops that I plan on donating by the end of the year. I found this pattern in the book Weekend Scrap Quilts by House of White Birches. I changed it quite a bit. I used the cute forest friends fabric instead of an applique block and left off the Wandering Stars in the borders plus I made it smaller by making less blocks.
I am pleased with it and know that some little baby will snuggle up in it one day.
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Amber H. said...

Felix Felicis! Luck potion! I probably spelled the potion name wrong, but it's close enough ;)