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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Design Wall Friday (uhhh Saturday) Update

Yesterday was not exactly the best day for our family. Mr Creative is still very sick on top of his broken ankle poor guy. He is very tired of it all right now. Then oldest son D went to the yesterday evening and has a bad case of strep. I took grsons I and N out for dinner and that took up a bit of the evening and by the time midnight rolled around I hadn't gotten anything ready for the blog.
However! Last night I stayed up really late and volia 3 blocks completed for the Harry Potter Quilt of Doom mystery block of the week.
So cool so far and I peek at the weekly block so that I can get some help choosing fabrics. As you can see so far it looks like a row of books with a couple of things like a crystal ball and a bottle of mystery potion! LOL So fun pulling out some of my crazy or wilder fabrics and making book covers out of them Nice thing is that the blocks finish at 10 inches so there isn't much tiny pieces so far although the next block (which I might get to today) does have a lot of small parts.
If you are a Harry fan and a quiltmaker join in with the group and you too can have a special quilt. Best of all they are free blocks!
You can also see a little peek and the next "mystery" project recently completed and my Mexican Fiesta quilt top.
(I finished the 4th block last night and added it to the post)

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Jennifer Ofenstein said...

I'm so glad you're joining in! Anytime you want to share photos, feel free to email them to me or drop me a link over at hp_paperpiecing, and I'll include your photos on Tuesday! The best part of this project for me is that so many people are joining in and having a good time with it!


B+B said...

Love this to death! I totally want one! you know my birthday is coming up! LOL