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Friday, January 28, 2011

FROM THE Design Wall Jan 28

A couple of projects from the quilt room today
Another hush hush project in progress. The one I was working on last week is done but I can't share yet but soon I promise. This one was fun to do and can't wait to share the whole thing
This is a sample of the Pattern I am teaching called Mexican Stars by Annette Omelas of Southwind Designs. It uses her technique of folding triangles to create a curved look from straight sewing. It's not a new technique but the pattern is all her own design. I picked it up at the Houston show last fall and and when I shared it at the board meeting we chose it as a workshop. Of course since I had suggested it I had to teach it! LOL That means I needed to create a sample. I used Fossil Fern prints for everything but the background which is my favorite background fabric Floral Fusions. I wish I had bolts and bolts of this stuff as I could use it for almost every quilt in my mind! LOL The print that is in the "sashing" was the inspiration a lovely crazy colored Fossil fern my Mom bought for me. It's not my usual style but it reminds me of a Fiesta and that is it's name for now! The color is not quite as bright and clear in the photo but enjoy!
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Joan said...

This looks really lovely - the colours are so perfect.