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Friday, February 11, 2011

From the Design Wall 2-11

A few things are on the design wall right now.
is the Harry Potter Project of Doom blocks with this weeks addition on the right. Four books on the shelf.
Bottom left
is my feathered star in progress. This is a hand pieced project that I have used Inklingo to prepare. I have one problem that has come about from my choice of fabrics. The cheddar (gold) was printed with darker gold lines and except for an ocassional spot where it printed a bit too light, has been great. The problem fabric is the red. I ordered it online with the hopes that the print would be light enough that when I printed the dark lines they would show up just fine. Well...I am sure if my eyes weren't so bad and a bit younger I would be OK but it has been much more difficult than it needed to be. I can only work in daylight with GOOD light from the windows plus I have to add a pair of readers on top of my regular trifocal glasses.I have pretty much decided that I won't be makeing the other 3 stars for my planned wall hanging from that red. I have to decide if I want to make 4 more from an alternative red I have on hand or see if I can find a third red and start over. Yeah,
anyone have a suggestion?
Bottom right
You see the second block from Victoria's Friendship Quilt by Lori Smith and the first applique block along with last month's star. I am loving the fabrics and colors I chose and even though I made cutting and assembly changes from Lori's pattern am happy with them so far.
I also finished the second hush, hush project with a label but it will wait a bit to be revealed!
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B+B said...

Wow momma. So many projects all at once. So that is where I get it from. LOL! They all look good but I really love the Harry Potter stuff. Way Cool!