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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Bit of This and That

My friend PN showed off her completed Underground Railroad top this past Tues. I loved several of her blocks and the machine embroidered square with the story of those blocks. It is a fun story but pretty much proven to not be a true account of escaping slaves. We enjoyed doing the quilt as a BOM for my local night meetings bee.
I had to share this piece of fabric. It looks like a shaft of sunlight on the fabric but it is actually the effect of sun damage. It was hanging with several other pieces but this was the only one that showed any damage. It is interesting to see how antique quilts might have changed colors over years of light exposure from what happened to this modern fabric.
OK, I am ashamed to show off this mess but....
Mr Creative got me a Cricut Gypsy for Valentine's Day and I struggled all Sat to get it ready to use. Thank goodness for some friendly online help at the Cricut message board and youngest DS big A who were able to get it registered and then updated and linked to my cartridges. As they updating and linking took a while I decided to use the time to sort out various piles of scrap paper, accents, kits, and pictures. Yikes! so much stuff and I still have things I have never even used yet. Sorry you have to see the kitty box too...Muffy won't share boxes with the other two kitties so hers is in this room where she spends much of her days.
It is much cleaner now! piles sorted and things put away but I am not known for my neatness in general! LOL
Lastly and update on the tomatoes in the Aero garden. They are getting bigger and it won't be long until we will have to move the light up one "click" to accomodate their growth!
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B+B said...

Those tomato plants are looking good! And your room...no worries all in due time you will have it cleaned up. Of course I think as long as you know where things are then its ok the way it is. LOL