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Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, I'm Back home again...

I had a good flight and the plane wasn't crowded thank goodness so I was able to have an isle seat with no one in the middle all the way to Utah. I arrived home to a much cooler place than I left LOL but it is nice to be home again.
Somewhere in my stuff is my cord to my camera for uploading pictures so as soon as I find it once more then I will share more from the trip.
While I was gone I discovered from Nedra's blog a link for a Food Storage blog and then a link to another one and have decided to re-commit myself to getting a year's supply a bit at a time.
With times the way they are it makes me have the feeling that I need to be ready to take care of my family if necessary and be ready for whatever happens and having good healthy foods on hand is a great goal to making me feel better prepared. Thanks for the link Nedra!

I did manage to scrapbook a few pages for baby A's album and did some reading...speaking of which...
I have become one of those "Twilight" fans! LOL As I was trolling Wally-world (which we managed to do a lot of ) I saw the display for the Twilight series and since I love a good story I decided to jump on board and see what all the hoopla is all about. In the beginning as I started the book Twilight...I thought "oh my, Bella (the female lead), is a whinny teenager and I have already done that in my life LOL. However as the book continued and I got into the story I began to like her more and by the end knew I was going to be reading the whole series LOL
Stephanie M is a great writer and really has created some interesting characters and ways to address the Vampire myths and later other myths too.
So today I sprung for the 3rd book since I read book 2 on the plane and then finished it early this morning...did I ever mention I am a fast reader LOL?
I will start book 3 tonight if I can but since tomorrow is my quilt day I hope I can manage to put it down enough to get some of my leftover projects finished or at least on their way!
So no pics but at least I have "said Hello" and checked in!


Nedra said...

Welcome home. Glad you are liking the Everyday Food storage site. I think she does a great job! I've really been trying to pay attention to my food storage.
I've also read all the Twilight series. I'm in YW in my ward and all the girls were talking about it, so of course I needed to be able to keep up. I had the same response as you.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Welcome home. I'm so glad you had fun.