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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Faces from Texas

Not to bore with more pictures from my trip but...
Hey, it's my blog right? LOL

I love this picture that my sil B took of my DD, Grson A and Me on our San Antonio Cruise along the river walk. If little A had been facing the camera that would be perfect but I love it just the same. I tried a collage feature with Picassa and problem is it cuts off part of the photos so next time I will play with them a bit but I wanted to share for now

Did a bit of cleaning today...yah know those junk drawers we all have? Well I decided it was time to get one of them in order and cleaned up. I should have taken a before pic but I didn't think about it until I was putting stuff back LOL Oh well one more thing "down" to get the house ready for the holidays. I really need to tackle the cookie jar collection in the kitchen but that is such a task! I hate the way there is that kitchen grease with the dust yuck! OK I guess it needs to be done so maybe Friday if I can get it started.
Still reading Eclipse but I have been using it as a reward to myself when I get something done that I need to do! LOL only about maybe 1/4 left to read and it will be read tonight.
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