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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

Well the rush is on and how many of you are doing the early morning Black Friday thing?
Not for me this year...first time in quite a few years I am going to skip the early morning thing and try and order online mostly or not worry about the super dooper savings and just get what i am looking for when I see a good price.
For the first time since DH and I were married waayyayyay back in the day it was just Him and Me for dinner on Thanksgiving.
Of course B and B and baby A are in Texas now, Big A had to work 2-6 pm so he ate after work as he decided it wouldn't be a good thing to fall asleep at work! LOL D and P and baby I went to her Mom's home before dropping by here. I did have a plate full and D his daddy ate too. Sad thing is this was my best turkey in years and everything came out quite yummy but that's the breaks.

Here are DH and I before dinner and then me trying to decide how I can manage one of each dessert LOL...I ended up with a tiny piece of Pecan Pie (thanks Marie Callender) and the new recipe this year Pumpkin Cake made in my Betty Crocker Pans...kind of cool with the yummy filling inside. DH ate the Apple Pie that I made thanks to my food storage dehydrated apples that make quite a tasty pie I must say.

Here's little I with DH H when he was eating a pickle...he loves those baby dills. and finally the yummy turkey with herbs from my garden...still growing even in the end of Nov!
Tomorrow for me will be a bit of shopping and then working on that mystery project...hopefully getting it done!
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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love thanksgiving and it gives me a few days to regroup - we all need that!