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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update on the mystery project

So any ideas yet? LOL
Bad thing about doing a real close picture is you can see all the flaws in my piecing but I guess it doesn't matter in the galloping school of quilt making! Just a little hint of the project
Yesterday I had a double dose of quilting as it was both the New Friends day and night group get togethers. We were busy sewing in both meetings...I had to complete a block for the donation quilt the night group has been working on, on and off and then day group had me sewing sashing onto tree blocks that will go into a donation quilt as well. There was some sizing problems and with my headache I decided that I was done for the morning LOL When I came into the quilt room that night (we have our own room in the AF Senior Center) there were 7 completed tops from the work earlier that day! Of course our Quilt Room Queen C had finished up several on her own but it is great to see how hard the ladies worked after I left.
Anyway C will be helping me with my Mystery project on Friday if I am able to get out of bed after Thanksgiving dinner.
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