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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little More Thanksgiving Day

I was very proud of my Apple Pie this time around. I mentioned before I am getting more into using my "emergency" food storage lately and this pie is a great example...OK I did cheat and use a frozen pie shell but the rest of it was stuff that I keep on hand all the time. The special touch is the use of dehydrated apples and whole wheat flour in the topping. DH loves apple pie and he says it is one of the best I have made...how bout that LOL The dehydrated apples are easy peasy and no peeling, coring or slicing involved. Just rehydrate them with boiling water.
The Mac and Cheese is one of my most favorite versions. I use low carb elbow macaroni, two cups of cottage cheese, one cup of Parmesan cheese, two cups...or a bit more...of shredded med to sharp cheese and then I add about a quarter cup of cream to moisten it all up. You could use powdered milk made like "evaporated" milk and add some butter or margarine if you don't have or want to use cream.

Here are the Thanksgiving eaters that showed up later to our house. LOL
Baby I loves dill pickles and you see him munching away on one but he did enjoy the dinner not too long afterwords. D says to me, I used to be able to eat two plates of Thanksgiving dinner but now I can hardly eat one! I reminded him that he used to be a runner and now he doesn't so I am not surprised about that. LOL
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Nedra said...

I need your recipe for the apple pie. I'm always looking for recipes to use my cannery dehydrated apples. I have one that makes apple crisp that is quite good too.