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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend with Grandson I

I's parents celebrated their 3rd anniversary by taking a few days off and spending a weekend at Wolf Creek Resort in Ogden Canyon so...
Mr Creative and I had I for the weekend. Good thing there were two of us! LOL He's an active normal 2 1/2 year old and Nana has lots of stuff that he wants to explore that we always tell him, No. It was surprising that he didn't kick up a fuss one time the whole weekend and remained cheerful and happy. We took him on a little trip to Park City to visit a vacation resort but they neglected to tell us that kids under 10 weren't "allowed" so they gave us our gifts and we headed out to play at a park and eat dinner on the way home There was a small train show at the library that I and Papa enjoyed too.

Hard to tell from the pictures but Park City had snow and it was very cold in the late afternoon. He did enjoy running around and playing on the big toy but found it icy in places and he had to borrow Papa's gloves which wasn't terribly successful. LOL

I took this picture of some snow making machines going at the Park City Ski Resort. It was pretty cool to see these plumes of white shooting out. Mr Creative said the snow felt much like regular snow but a bit grainy.
Didn't get anything done around here except for a bit of cleaning and no crafting at all!
I had to take a long nap as I slept in our bed and ended up soaking through in the middle of the night despite a 11 pm change. I was plenty worn out...I guess it proves why children come to us when we are young! LOL
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B+B said...

glad to see that you all had fun and I bet my brother had a nice time too.