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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Traditons

Every family has traditions even if you don't always think that some of the things you do together are official tradition.
Christmas for me as a child had a number of traditions but one that always seemed rather magical was the Advent Wreath. Every year my Mom would make sure that this special wreath appeared on our table for the Christmas season and there was always a big beautiful one at the church too. During Sunday School I made a miniature one, probably more than one time, that had a ring of Styrofoam, plastic holly and small candles for the four Sundays of Advent.

I was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints as a teen and then came here to Utah for college where I met and married Mr Creative. Utah and the Mormon Church doesn't have the same traditions of the Advent Season and so no wreaths to be found and especially hard to find are the sets of candles. When I do find them I stock up and I haven't found them for two years now and my stock pile is dwindling. I did continue the tradition of the Advent Wreath with my family and over the years have made several different ones for our table. A few years ago I got lucky and Joanne's Fabric and Craft had a "bare" candle wreath that I was able to meld with an artificial greenery wreath and also carried the candles as well.

I wanted to pass the tradition on to my children and so this year found one lonely wreath at Joanne's in Draper and bought some purple ribbon for decorating it and presented it to my oldest son and his family today, the first Sunday of Advent. I gave them one of my carefully hoarded sets of candles as well and told them that they are like "gold" LOL

Mr Creative was supposed to create a listing of scriptures to read for each day before Christmas but time got away from him so that will have to come sometime this week hopefully. I made my son and grandson pose with me to commemorate the event...not such a good pic of me and little I but DS D looks great!
What traditions are you passing along to your family?
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Nedra said...

I joined the church when I was in my teens, and I'm the only member on my side of the family. We didn't have any religious traditions, so I was very open to whatever Mr. Cactus suggested. As the years have gone on, we have created quite a few.

B+B said...

I love that tradition. It is fun to carry traditions on and explain them to the future tradition holders. One of my favorites that I will never stop is PJ on Christmas eve! I wonder who got me on that one?