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Monday, November 9, 2009

8 Sets of Flying Geese and Fall

I love foundation piecing to make everything fit perfectly together but gosh I need to make 7 more sets of these flying geese by Tues.!
I am thinking with all the daily stuff plus a trip to Joanne's I probably will be behind once more LOL
I have them all pre-cut and ready to stitch, thank goodness so once I get started they go pretty quickly. Lucky for me.
You might recognize this little wall hanging from my last post....sort of.
My quilting friend PN showed us this design at my last New Friends meeting and I thought I might need to have something to show for my church women's' group so I decided to do my own version as a sample. I am not going to need it after all as a teaching sample but it's nice to have this little WH for fall. It has a few "problems" I don't like the autumn leaves fabric on the last round of the top and in my haste to get it done I didn't pay attention to the nature of the design of the wide border fabric and it turned out quite wonky on the sides LOL. It is a CW era reproduction and after studying quilts from that era, it often happens that the women who made quilts didn't pay attention to continuing designs as they didn't want to waste fabric I suppose. So as everyone and their dog says now, "It is what it is! LOL
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Nedra said...

Best of luck with all those flying geese.

B+B said...

So silly of me I thought you were going to talk about birds! LOL
I love the pumpkins. If you want to make an extra one, I will take it!


I happen to like the "wonky" sides. I can't wait to see the finished product of the flying geese.

p.s. I'm soooooooo sorry you didn't get my message this morning. I'm a slacker.

Anonymous said...

Love the new quilt photo on the top of your page! The pumpkin is great.