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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Get 'Er Done!

On the cutting board you see the final trimming of the flying geese strips for the last border of my quilt.
This is a wonderful time for me because I can really see the perfect points and lovely geese coming to life on the border strips.
Adding the first of four sides...yuck my machine table is cluttered!
Ready for the last side and it will be done.
My top is done except for one small thing...taking out all the paper behind the flying geese...Not so fun but I don't mind so much since that means it is the last thing before making the quilt sandwich!
I love my top and can't wait to hang it in my bedroom above my bed. Maybe I will get ambitious and paint!
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Nedra said...

You quilt turned out beautifully. I love the colors and the design. Yes, I think it would look perfect over a bed.

Karen said...

Gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it!

Phyllis said...

It's perfectly beautiful!


OMGoodness!!! That came together so gorgeous!! I'm perplexed by the intricate star in the center! Probably one of my faves of yours!