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Saturday, October 3, 2009

What is Distracting Me Now

Many of you might not know that I am a reader. I used to resort to reading cereal boxes when I didn't have anything new to read. LOL
Anyway I am now halfway through a long awaited book by Diana Gabaldon An Echo in the Bone, which was released on my birthday, that makes it a great birthday present! LOL
This is the seventh in a series and these are NOT wimpy little books but pages and pages of several story lines that weave in and out like a good Celtic knot design.
I can sit for hours devouring the book but alas I do have some sort of a real life now and then. I have made a card for my DIL , which I will post soon, and I am also cutting and stitching on the next round on the Mariner's Compass medallion I started last month. I need to make tons of quarter square triangles that then form half a ton of hourglass blocks which form the next border.
So....I also guess I need to do some work around the house LOL
Anyway just wanted to check in for now.

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GARI said...

I am a big believer in taking reading breaks from the fun of quilting or other creative ventures. I believe that we need to restoke the creative furnace and reading seems to be one of the best ways for me.