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Monday, October 19, 2009

I Got Sick this Weekend

Wish I had my Mommy to take care of me!
Nothing much got done around here for the whole weekend although I did start a project...to remain a secret for a bit longer, on Friday. There it sat half done on my sewing machine table all the rest of the time.
I am still achey all over and have a sinus headache too. I thought to maybe attend my step class this morning but if I do anything it will be a short walk. LOL

Hopefully this evening will be better.



I hope you're feeling better soon. We have Swine flu at our little house so don't walk on our side of the street. hehehe Love ya!

GARI said...

You are doing the right thing, slow way down, rest, do a little when you feel like it and then stop when you don't. And, get well soon.

Mariangeles M said...

I hope you're feeling better :) I'm not sick but my allergy is right here with me :S

I hope everthing is OK with you and your family.

A big hug from Spain,
Mariangeles AtoS

B+B said...

I am sorry that you were sick! That is no fun! I hope you feel better! Love ya

Daisy said...

Hope you are feeling better! congratulations on the weight loss, you look wonderful! ;)