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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Melody Crust

The lunch lecture we attended during Quilt Fest was by Melody Crust.
I was unfamiliar with her and did a little research to find her specialty is embellishment and fabric dying. She did a fun lecture about her journey into this aspect of quiltmaking and has a sort of dry sense of humor. She poked fun a bit at herself and the quilting world in general.
She told a bit about her slightly off-beat creativeness and her first experience at making a wonky sort of checkerboard border and the quilter's dislike of trying to quilt such a crazy biased sort of edging. LOL
She is now doing much smaller pieces and really loves the threadplay of quilting and embellishment.
I loved the color mix of the greens and orange and purples on this piece
These are the most recent projects. She is in the process or has just finished (can't remember which) these tiny quilts. She said it allows her to use all her favorite things, threads, ribbons, buttons an various other embellishments without a huge quilt commitment LOL

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Dena said...

Nice embellishments on all those little quilts.