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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Caught Up Finally

As I mentioned before I let myself get behind for three months in our Civil War Love Letter quilt group and I have been putting off catching up. For some reason 6 blocks when it is one at a time for a month doesn't seem so awfull but when I have 18 blocks to do it just seemed like Mt Everest!
But through a whole bunch of time at the timeshare and a bit beforehand I got a big chunk of them done and just finishe the last this afternoon.
Yeah I know that the bottom left and the bottom right blocks have problems...I am not sure what happened when I cut the triangles for the corners of the left block but I am not sure if I have the fabric to make two more...wish me luck in replacing them. The bottom rights's problem is the darn Lincoln print ended up off center...sigh...I didn't really notice until I had gotten the whole section finished and by that time I was not gonna pick it out! So...my story is that the woman who pieced the block was too vane to wear her glasses and thus it seemed OK to her when she pieced it! LOL Hey, it's MY quilt and I love to make up stories for the fictional women who worked on the project once upon a time. Be that as it may I still think the Lincoln block is my favorite of this group. (Bye the way do you see the "bird feeder block?" A joke between my friends!)
This group wasn't too bad but the bottom right is quite a jumble when I put all those fabrics together. They looked good as I chose them but I think too much going on in the end. My favorite is probably the upper middle...I think it kind of looks like a Native American design maybe.
Last group are some of my favorites. I really enjoyed the fabrics in these blocks and they all have a bit of a special place in my heart.
The wind was gusting as I took this picture and my favorite on the bottom right kind of looks funny. I just love the contrast of the black and olive toned green here. My friend's hubby said the black print has olives on toothpicks from a martini in it! LOL I agree it does.

Next week we will get another group of 6 blocks and because Nov, is my month to hostess I will have to also have my 6 ready to show at the first of Nov so I will be doing 12 again...but on the other hand I might just do a few of Oct's and catch up in Nov. since my blocks will already be done...maybe? LOL
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Dena said...

Congratulations on catching up on your blocks. You did a great job.