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Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Me and Kind of a Sad day

I know I have been absent from blog-land for quite a while now but between being busy with my family events, having my DD B and grson A visiting and just being a bit lazy, my blog just hasn't been updated for longer than I had planned.

Having A around the house has been such a wonderful thing. Since he lives so far away we don't get to experience the day to day happenings with a growing toddler. So much changes in a few weeks and it's not fun being a long distance Nana!

We had toy explosions in the living room, and family room. Little clothes and diapers, and books where ever you look. Someone to play with Belle and help her eat...more on that to come, and sand everywhere but the sand box!
As I walked around the house today doing some chores that were over due, I snapped a few pictures that showed me the differences.

Belle waiting by her medicine bottle for A to give her a daily pill.
The guestroom all clean an tidy once more
A forgotten sock that will be mailed off soon.
A car seat with only a plastic dinosaur in it.
No need to close the Papa-made gate since there was no one to keep in the backyard
and a covered up sandbox.
We sure miss you already A and B. Now it's only until Dec until we see you again.
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Joanna said...

Hey that car seat looks rather familiar lol! You and Carmen can commiserate together over the long-distance grandchildren :(

B+B said...

We miss you too! Funny how quickly things change. We had a fun visit and it will take us a little while to get in the swing of things here!

little sis said...

I know you are sad and missing the little fella already but just think it is only a few more months and you will be seeing him again!