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Friday, August 14, 2009

In Nana's Backyard

When grandson A visited us earlier in the month Nana had to take pictures of his adventures in the backyard. He usually had lots of fun out there with our "low tech" "low cost" toys.
He, like most kids, loved the sandbox we have out there. It is very small and just right for toddlers to dig and play with buckets, shovels and toys. His favorite thing was to excavate the sand to the grass! LOL

Mr Creative and DD B came home from a Walmart run with this red ball. He has been trained well by his Daddy B in the basics of soccer even at his young age! He enjoyed running back and forth in the yard, often with Belle in pursuit.

I got out the croquet set for him to have some different sized balls to play with and he mostly spent his time taking the balls out and putting them back in the case.

The day he was leaving to return to Texas he discovered my backyard gazing ball and surprise "That's ME, Nana". He ran back and forth finding himself in the glass.
Mr Creative and I loved spending out time with A. I was taking some pictures of Mr Creative and A when DD took the camera and snapped a few of all of us together. This one is so cute as we played around. DH was a good sport and kept on smiling LOL
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Dena said...

Aren't grandchildren precious? We had three of ours for over a month this summer, ages 14 yrs, 12 yrs, and 2 yrs. I had forgotten how much work it is to keep up with all of them. LOL

B+B said...

love the pictures! So sweet! We miss you all! Love you