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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everyone Sing to Big A...

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear A....
Happy Birthday to YOU!

My baby turned 20 on Sat and it seems that time just can't slow down no matter how hard I try to make it do so.
I got him some new ear buds just like mine that he was always borrowing only his are black mine are a lovely lime green. Mr Creative got him some shells for his gun so that they can go shooting soon. He couldn't find exactly what he wanted at a price he was willing for us to pay so he got some $$$ for when he finds it! LOL

We are so lucky to have our youngest son in our family. He is not the kind to be "all out there" but will surprise us with funny comments and some smart points. He loves to argue when he "knows " he is right but as he matures he is learning that it isn't always the most important thing ( or at least I THINK he is learning that)

Love Ya A!
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little sis said...

Happy birthday Aaron!

Joanna said...

I can't believe how much Aaron looks like you in that first picture! Minus the facial hair of course ;) He's certainly his Mom's boy!

Dena said...

They do grow up quickly, don't they? My oldest just turned 32 and my youngest is 25. What's worse is my oldest grandson turns 15 next month! LOL

Happy Birthday A!