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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bits and Pieces in the Scrapbook room

I guess I am in a cleaning mood or something.
Now that I have started getting the sewing/quilt room in order I have been thinking about all my goodies in the scrap/guest room and how jumbled they ended up when DD B and grson A stayed in it. I just sort of shoved stuff into some baskets and put them in our basement storage area "for now" Yea, that famous phrase.
So, when I went to Wallyworld yesterday I spied this really cute storage cart with lime green fabric bins and ahhh, haa! A way to coral those bits and pieces in the baskets LOL. So...more sorting and now I am down to one basket, the smaller one, and removed the top bin to put my boom box on that shelf with the next two bins being this and that and a drawer for ribbon.

I love ribbon and buttons so I have it more visible so that I can see what I have and use it! That's not all my ribbon but at least the ones I had in bags and tucked here and there are in one place now.

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Dena said...

What a big improvement. I am always more motivated to go into my sewing/quilting studio if it's already organized.