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Monday, August 17, 2009

Family Reunion and New Fabric

Mr Creative's family tries to get together every few years to see how everyone changes, tell family stories and of course eat like crazy! LOL
This time we headed to the tiny town of Marion...up near the much bigger town of Kamas...but just in case you don't know where that is it's not too far from Park City...hope that helps. Anyway our Nephew J and Wife A hosted the party and boy they did a terrific job. Serving us home smoked ribs, brisket, and baked chicken, with all kinds of yummy sides. Since I am a low carb eater I really appreciated that they only seasoned the ribs and added no sauces, letting everyone season their own. Amy made a really outstanding Pico de Gallo and NO one was hungry.
Of course they spent a part of the time talking family history and sharing a few pictures that Mr Creative's brother J
had printed from slides he had taken years ago. I am hoping he will be willing to share them so I can do some scrapbook pages for DH. I don't have many pictures to work from.
J and A had several activities ready to go for the many, many kids from an old fashioned hoops game to a parachute. Of course being the D family get together there had to be stilts. Mr Creative"S father had made stilts years and years ago and the family grew up with them. He remembers having one set of stilts that he had to climb the apple tree to mount...good thing they had short ones this time LOL
The only two adults who did the stilts were Mr Creative (in the navy coat) and our nephew D who is the same age as our oldest son D at 31. OK, Mr C said that he should have been given a bit of a handicap since he is 27 years older LOL!
This little gr niece S wanted me to take her picture in my sunglasses holding my stork scissors. She was fascinated by them.\
Now for the new fabric. Right before we left to head up to the party I found this in my mailbox! I love getting new fabric and I love ordering from the Fabric Shack online. They have a great clearance section and such reasonable shipping and fast delivery. I found when DD B was here that I had hardly any grey fabric so I found two, then I am always up for greens! LOL I got the two repros and one that I might add to my Debbie M BOM waiting for a border. The paisley fabric is going to be the background of the free BOM from Bunny Hill Designs of darling baskets. I am smitten with those baskets and one day I will make them. I am printing the patterns for later but I am planning to use the same background throughout the blocks but will scrappy up the baskets and other accents.
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Carin said...

oh no you have led me to ANOTHER great online quilt store. It looks like you had fun with your family, and I know where Marion and Kamas are ;O)