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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Funny Bunnies

For all my ranting and raving about scrapbook magazines I will say that I have found some ideas I just loved. LOL

Saw this in Scrapbooks Etc...I think the current issue... or at least a facsimile of what was in the magazine and just loved the simple look and funny bunnies. I used the bunny from the Doodlecharms Cricut Cart instead of the Animal Kingdom they used (since my DD has borrowed it) and a frame I bought using a 50% off coupon of course and just some stash papers. Then added the little flowers and button brads as my own touch.

I hate that you can see my reflection in the glass and should have taken the pic without the glass but oh well...

PS DS A saw the bunnies hanging on the wall in the living room and said...
Looks like you got tired of making a quilt and just put them in a frame! LOL I told him they were paper not fabric and he says to me...You have me "brainwashed" with quilt stuff! LOL
Just had to share the funny.
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Nedra said...

Very cute bunnies for Easter. And I wouldn't have known it was your shadow in the picture if you hadn't told us. Those reflections are sometimes the fun ones in years to come. I have some wonderful reflection pictures of my grandmother while she was taking pictures and I love them!

little sis said...

This is so cute! And it looks like something even us non-crafty girls can do! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

B+B said...

That is really cute mom, just love it. That brother of my, can't help but laugh at some of his comments.