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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Friends Celebrate National Quilting Day

A few years ago some of the members of the board decided it was time for our quilt group New Friends to not only celebrate National Quilting Day (usually the 3rd Sat in March) but also give back to our community and the City of American Fork. We decided to hold what we call a day of Quilt Celebration and offer free to the public some sort of instruction and displays.
This year CM was in charge and she conceived the idea of doing a "free quilt". The plans were to offer instruction through out the day of 12 different blocks by members of the board, and along with members of the group sew up a sampler quilt. It was a wonderful success this year with several people joining us for instruction, lunch and quiltmaking time.

Group members had the choice of creating a quilt to keep or to donate it to our ongoing charity projects. I volunteered to teach the Sawtooth Star block demonstrating how to do flying geese and a bonus of how to make them dimensional. I wasn't able to stay the whole day as it, as usual is a busy Sat but got two of my four blocks done for a baby quilt. I will be sure to take a picture when I complete it. I just wanted to do something that wouldn't end up in the pile of unfinished projects as usual so it will be small but cute! LOL

Pictured above is a collage of one of our instruction times and lunch which was a pot luck of soup and salads. Yum as usual!
Our long time board member CJ gives me a happy smile as she works on her project.

And all finished our 2009 fund raiser quilt...isn't it darling? CJ and ND did this one for us bright and happy and hopefully will bring in some good money. We use our money to buy batting fabric and other supplies for our donation/charity quilts. It is so helpful to be able to create them right in our quilt room with quality supplies. We also have bought all kinds of supplies used by the quilters like, rotary cutters, mats, blades, and even purchased machines that we provide for the members to use. We have several who are not up to hauling their machines any more and it makes it so much easier when we have techniques to teach, and those donation quilts to work on!

Let me know if you want to buy a ticket or 20! LOL
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B+B said...

Looks like you had a good size croud and that you all were able to learn and teach a lot. What a fun day with good food and better company.

Kristin said...

Cathie, your group looks like a lot of fun to work with! What a cheery quilt you have this year for the donation quilt. :0)