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Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Scrapbook Rant...

OK so what do you notice about these scrapbook layouts?

AS I have been looking through the most recent 3 scrapbook magazines Scrapbooks etc. trying to get inspiration for my cruise and Pennsylvania pages I have noticed a real annoying (to me of course) trend. One photo, or one large and a few small photos lot's of "embellishments" a big one word title and lots of blank space.

When you are doing a special photo or maybe a place to showcase a personality trait etc., OK it's good but most of us just don't scrapbook that way, or at least that is my experience. I want to find examples to help ME scrap the wonderful travel photos and unless I go back to 2004 or so to even find examples to use.

The other thing is that although they aren't, all the pages could be made by the same person.
I guess what I am saying I don't mind trendy styles and supplies but how about a little variety in style? I pay good money for these magazines and just get frustrated when I don't have much inspiration for my own pages.

So what do you think? Am I just a whiner or anyone else feel this way?


Anonymous said...

Cathie you are right .. if you are spending good $$$ on these and are looking for inspiration, then they should offer differing layouts - maybe you could email the editor and tell them what you think .. it might not change anything, but you've been heard at that point



Terry @ Krazy's Place said...

LOL!! I see your point on the magazines (one reason I don't subscribe to one any more) But I don't mind the 1 pictures quite as much. Do it from time to time. But not every page. I have wayyyyy to many pictures for that!

(comment box is givng me a bit of trouble. Hope you don't get this comment more then once ;)


Cathie!!!! Yeah!! I've finally found someone who feels the same way I do. I'm not an avid "scrapper" for this very reason. It's very overwhelming and intimidating to a newbie like myself to see layouts like this. I guess I like "busy" pages with lots of pics that are well cropped with fun journaled info about the picture and 1 or 2 embellishments. That's just me.....

B+B said...

I agree! It doesn't make since to put one picture on a page unless it is a special one. Don't most people take more than one picture of an event? I guess the people who make those magazines aren't picture taking freaks like us. LOL!