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Friday, March 13, 2009

So, what happened?

OK so sometimes I wonder if there are sewing pixies...not the nice ones....who mess around in my sewing room while I am not looking!
I am pretty sure that I cut all the triangles at the same time and they should be the same size, right?

Well as you can see this block is not square and not the same size? OK I guess my sewing could be off which is not unusual. Or maybe when I removed the freezer paper I got the bias edge off. However I don't think that can account for this bad of a mistake.

So I squared up those two bottom pieces as best I could then finished the block and used my iron and gasp, pressed the heck out of it! LOL
I have plenty of square up room on these blocks but it was just so strange. I did measure the top part of the block and it looks like it is 1/4 inch larger than that bottom right pair so something got messed up way in the beginning. Oh, well it is almost finished just needs the center and it will go in the pile.
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Joanna said...

That's too funny!! Don't worry, we all do it! I have no idea what happened - ask Carmen, she knows everything and will tell you exactly what went wrong lol!! Best quilting tip I learnt from her was about making blocks bigger then squaring up. Aren't you glad you did just that??!!