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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Odds and Ends of Quilt Blocks

One of the reason's I enjoy going with DH to his conferences is the opportunity to do some catching up on my quilting or scrapbooking. This time is was quilting catch up. I caught up on two BOM's I am teaching (no pictures yet) and Carol Doak's BOM for her Yahoo group and finished up the final two blocks I should have done in December for my Civil War Love Letter group.
I took everything ready to cut and sew if I could or at least had the fabrics chosen ready to cut. Since these were small projects I was hoping I would have time to work on my Spinning Daisies quilt but alas...ended up bringing it back still all snug in it's ziploc bag! LOL
Carol Doak's Yahoo group BOM Jan. I am using Fossil Ferns and Batiks for my fabrics...I went for an Northern Lights sky and icy mountains and stream. It is very pale and I like the way the batik snowflakes fabric contrasts.
Jan. blocks for the CWLL group chosen by me as the hostess this month. I think I have a mistake to correct darn it all. and in the one bottom middle when I cut the pieces in my mind the small squares that are in the middle star were pink so when I finished the block I realized you don't see a star at all...they should have been brown so you have store of an "x" shape and I think the outside flying geese also are reversed...sigh...so I guess I will be remaking this one LOL
update: Block has been "corrected" and now looks right!
These are my Dec blocks and I will tell you I just missed completely when C told us that she had forgotten to add the seam allowance to the block on the bottom right...LOL... so it turned out perfectly 1 inch too small! LOL At least it wasn't one of the more complicated blocks...one more to remake. This isn't' looking good when I have to remake one out of 6 for two months running. I know that the flying geese block, middle top is a bit off but it's just going to stay that way LOL.
Update: the too small block has been remade and all are now correct
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Nedra said...

I love it when I can get away from it all and have time for some quilting projects. Don't you always think you will get soooo much done, and then end up bringing 1/2 of them home uncompleted?