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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What We Did on Our Winter Break

'Bout time I updated my blog, right?
We arrived home after our short break in St George just fine and now are back to the day to day once more.
A few photos here to show you what we did down there! LOL
This was taken in Beaver, Utah as we left our favorite break stop the Utah Dairy farmer's cheese factory outlet. We love to pick up some fresh cheese curds and the little bags of cut up variety cheeses to snack on as we travel. I bought enough to take home this time luckily cheese stores for quite a while. LOL
I am really attracted to sunsets these days, and for that matter, I have been for a long time. I guess those beautiful bursts of color as the sun moves it's way west just call to me. Funny thing is when I am on the East coast on the beach I love to take sunrise pictures for the same reason in a way...all those beautiful colors that emerge from the rising sun just for a few minutes before going on to the blue sky gets me every time LOL
You may not know that my DH H really loves to find Indian rock art or petroglyphs, that have been created in his native Utah. He is drawn to wondering the what and why and where of those mysterious symbols that show up in Utah's high deserts and mountains. As time goes on much of it has been destroyed and or vandalized so it is a wonderful feeling to find something he has never seen before. When we checked in to our timeshare the Welcome lady told us about a "park" that has some great examples of petroglyphs near the Paiute reservation just beyond Santa Clara. The weather hadn't been terribly cooperative for a hike after H finished up his meetings/training and we thought maybe we would have to postpone seeing them until we came back again. But since I wanted to visit the "hardware store/quilt fabric store" on Sat. we headed out in the early afternoon and got a lucky break when the skies began to clear and by the time we left the store and picked up some limeade at Sonic it had turned sunny and warmer so we headed out to look for that park and after passing it by and making a U turn back arrived at a red dirt muddy "road" to the parking spot and trail head.
I elected to stay in the vehicle with a book I had brought and H set off on a 2 mile hike to find the petroglyphs and as you can see from the pics he found them.
Maybe one day I will have him write up a post explaining what he thinks they represent as he has studied many examples of rock art, and has pretty good theories about it. But with no written language to explain and not even really knowing "who" did the art it will probably remain educated guesses.

OH yea,
As you can see I found some fabric in Hurst Hardware and Fabric store LOL I didn't buy these but wanted to remember what they looked like for a future project so I took a picture LOL I hit a great sale as they has their "flat folds" $4 a yard which are great quality quilt fabrics off the bolt that I love to buy from whenever I can LOL
This is the fabric I bought...as you can tell I am think I am ready for spring! LOL
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Nedra said...

I was in Salt Lake as you were in St. George! It was fun to see you blog about my area and all the fun things to do. I would love a post on the interpretation of the petroglyphs. I walk around them and wonder the meanings all the time.