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Monday, February 2, 2009

Peppers in a jar?

I had come home from some shopping and big A was helping me bring in some bags of stuff...He saw the bottled peppers I had bought...all 10 of them and he asked
What did you buy so many for?
I am adding them to my food storage because at $1 a bottle from Dollar Tree they are a bargain right? I figure I wouldn't use more than one a month and with 10 I have almost a whole year's supply on hand.
Have you priced fresh red peppers in the store? LOL Almost $3 each! I am trying to add weekly to my food storage...for those who aren't familiar with the idea...putting away foods that we use on a regular basis for "just in case".
I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio and someone had called to ask for advice in preparing for the financial downs that were on their way. This was maybe 6 months ago...his advice was to stock up on food items that had the probability of getting more expensive in the near future and if you have growing kids on clothing items that they will need like coats and shoes.
Even if you don't think there is some great disaster on it's way it is a way to hedge against inflation right?
If you eat a bunch of cornflakes or whatever, then buying them for later might help you keep your food costs within reason if you buy 10 boxes on sale and you can last until the next sale.
Anyway...my Mom taught me to hunt for bargains and shop sales and this is just a bit more extensive of that idea LOL
Besides they are pretty in the jars and I could decorate with them for Valentine's Day...LOL
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Nedra said...

Yeah Glen Beck! Have you seen the DVD on his conversion story? I gave it to a daughter for Christmas and have been passing around our copy to members of our ward.