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Friday, January 7, 2011

From the Design Wall

Like most people I am trying to set goals once more for 2011. I haven't updated my sidebar but I plan to do it by Sunday of this week.
One thing I would like to do is a post each week from either my quilt room or scrapbook room of what I have accomplished.
This week it is from my quilt room.
A group of friends and I have chosen a wonderful new project to do together. It is from Designer Lori Smith and as you see it is a lovely friendship quilt. HERE is link to the pattern and her WEBSITE. She makes wonderful vintage looking quilts and I have several patterns and a book that is in my dream pile and hope to be made one day.
I started out the 2 year journey by showing how to make the Diamond Star which measures 12" finished. Lots of little itty bitty triangles so I took the opportunity to use foundation papers to make them. The larger hst are an unusual size so they didn't quite translate perfectly but it still made the piecing much easier.
here is my block and as you see I am using a different color palette. It is mostly from Judie Rothermell's Cocheco line of last year. Love it! I will have to add some other CW like fabrics to round out what I need but I am excited to see it develop.
The other report is of those Civil War Love Letter book blocks that I finished up last summer. I have begun the task of putting them together in groups of 4 so that I can start the top. I am going to "wing" it as far as putting the top together. I know what I want, to use some of my panel prints, so it will be a matter of figuring out how to fit it all in as I go. I need to figure out how many groups of 4 to make and then how to fit the special blocks into the scheme...the ones with Lincoln's face or a flag in the middle. I am excited and have plans to have it finished for the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War but not the beginning as it is April 12 with the Battle of FT Sumter in SC. Hey I can dream!
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