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Friday, May 14, 2010

Wanted...Charm/Nickle/ 5 Inch Square Lovers!

So.... do you love the scrappy look in your quilts and think that the 5 " square/charm/nickle is the perfect way to go? If you are up to a monthly online swap of these great little squares then would you consider joining us at Nickleswap on Yahoogroups? We are great swappers but have been dwindling down in numbers and would love to get some "new" swappers to join us.
There are selected categories...Civil War repros, 1930's repros, and batiks for right now but if you suggest to our list momma Joyce she might include others in the future.
It's really easy to participate you sign up for the number of sets of pairs (each set can be cut from 1 fat quarter of fabric) you wish to swap, mail them to Joyce then she swaps it all out then mails the sets back and VOILA you have all different fabrics to play with! The only limits are because of the number of swappers each month which is why I am hoping some of you might want to join in with us. Yes, you are responsible for postage so it does add in to the cost but it is less than buying the charm packs (unless they are on sale LOL) and you know that the fabric is quality...part of the agreement...and of the correct type you are swapping!
Come check us out at
www.nickleswaps@yahoogroups.com and tell them Cathie sent you!

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