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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Catch Up from the Sewing Room

DD called one day and asked if I could help her find a robe for our little grson A so that when he finishes at Seaworld's water park he could just put it on and go home. I looked all over the place and remembered I had bought a pattern to make PJ's for the little grboys that I hadn't made...imagine that... and it had a robe just the right size. I decided rather than buying yardage I should be able to make a size 2 robe from a large beach towel and sure enough it worked out great. I decided to line the hood and the belt with some fabric from my quilt stash to make it a bit more interesting and there it is. Nice part is that the bottom was placed on the cute towel border with a finished hem and the sleeves fit on the opposite end of the towel. left the hood which fit on the two long sides and only the belt was cut across the towel. Turned out to be an easy project and even though I didn't have a serger some fray check took care of the raw seams.
I also finished two purses in April and May. The first one was taught in my quilt group by my good friend K. I had the snowflake center and the hourglasses leftover from a project so I just played around and added extra piecing to make it big enough to cut from the pattern.
I had to make it a bit taller to fit it all in but it worked in the end. This is the back side with a second snowflake pocket and a little cell phone hidden pocket not shown.
This is the second purse I made. I used leftover fabric from an apron I had made. Just love that green fabric and wanted to make something special. Love that you can find tons of free patterns on line all over the place. This one is called the Buttercup Purse...google it and see!
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Mariangeles M said...

Love all your creations!! Great hands!
A big hug :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Cute Cathy. I have a hard time making anything other than quilts.

little sis said...

Ok - so which one is mine???? :-)