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Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

For my DIL P, I wanted to make a special gift for Mother's Day with grson I but the week before was just a bit crazy so he helped by posing for a few pictures LOL A couple of days before Mother's day he found a bunch of grape hyatenth growing in the area where Belle has a dog house. Unknown to me he picked a bouquet of them and brought them to show me. I could not get mad he was so cute and I did take a few pictures. We put them in a small cup and when his mom came to pick him up he gave them to her. I had a free coupon code for a collage 8x10 at Walgreens and ordered one using a few pictures from the month....so it is very up to date!

I pulled some flowers etc from the scrapbooking stash and an inexpensive frame and after removing the glass attached the flowers right to the matting. It turned out so cute and his Mommy loved it.
I also give myself points for using up things that I already had available! LOL
Here I am with 3 of the 5 gkids in our backyard. It turned out to be a beautiful day.
OH, and a bonus photo of I helping the big boys clear out some brush from the backyard.
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Karen's Fun Blog said...

Cute! The flowers and butterflies are perfect!! : )