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Monday, May 3, 2010

One Block Left in the Journey

Two years ago, this coming August, I got together with 4 friends to make the blocks in the Civil War Love Letter Quilt book and as of this month we will have completed all 121 blocks plus presented the two applique union and confederate solders.
I can hardly believe that I have done it! LOL

This is a set of blocks that were due in Jan but I got behind with my travels during the Christmas holiday you can see I have resorted to cheating with stripes instead of piecing some of the parts. I have had the stripes in my collection of cw prints and to me they make a beautiful substitute and you still get the feeling of the piecing.
I think the favorite of this batch is the bottom right because it let me use this lovely striped fabric with "ladies heads" that I have been saving for the perfect place.

Just for fun and to see what I might do, I got all the blocks out and tried a set that is running around in my mind. Setting them in groups of 4 with 1 inch sashing alternating dark and light sashing. Also I have a panel of Generals Lee and Grant for the middle and then a set of 4 battle scenes for the corners...maybe LOL I am not sure if I want to put the battle scenes as then I have 13 blocks left over if I make the quilt "even". Belle is helping me out there and she says that it doesn't really matter if it is "even" or not, just that I like it when I am done LOL
This is the fabric I am thinking for the border, but not the sashing. It is a part of a collection I think was called the Coverlet Prints or something along that line. I love the navy and tan or light gold and those are the colors I am thinking to sash the blocks with...but....
Anyway thought I would share my latest.
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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This is going to be spectacular!