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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Milestone for Me

Well here it is! My very first handpieced top...OK it's really small LOL but I am impressed with myself and so thankful that I discovered InkLingo. I never thought of myself as EVER wanting to do handpiecing but just as some find handquilting as soothing and relaxing I am finding that handpiecing does that for me.
Now for the not so good thing. When I was putting the sides on to the center I kind of had to wing it and instead of asking for help I thought I could "figure it out on my own". yeahhhhh...not!
When I got to the corners that you see on the left upper and lower sides where they attach to the center they ended up not fitting together without a little tuck. When I showed it to my much experienced friend she suggested that if I tried to restitching the top and bottom seams then I could probably solve the 1/4 inch shortage. So...I probably will do it but for now I am off to other projects.

I think I always learn something new from each project I do and this was a whole bunch of learning! Thanks to my InkLingo friends and Linda Franz the creator and of course her right hand "man" Monkey!
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