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Monday, February 23, 2009

Much better now!

In the beginning there was my 19th century stash...collected over the years from here and there. Sometimes it came in a set sometimes just what I loved. It was stored in baskets in my sewing room and when I wanted to use it I would sometimes have to pull all the baskets down to find the right piece of blue or red or whatever!
So, I decided it was time to make some changes in how I have stored the fabrics. Took it all upstairs and sorted by color this time (with a few exceptions) and piled it all out on the table.
Found out a few things too. First I have a lot more browns and blues than any other color other than maybe greens. So I am safe in NOT buying any to beef up that color. LOL Second I have several duplicates, not just in color way but the exact same prints! And third yellows and oranges are a bit scarce there. Just like today's fabrics I am betting so...I know to look for those two if I am on a shopping expedition. And last of all I have about 8-10 prints that just had so many different colors that I couldn't figure out where to put them so, they are in the right hand basket with my "background-y" type prints and my lovely Jane Austen collection that just needs to stay together so that one day when I get around to doing something JA- like I will have it! LOL
Now look at my lovely stash! Like colors together and I also found some prints that were reproductions but not 19th c. so they need a new home. I had a pile of scraps that need a new place too and then I still have some vintage yardage that never seems to fit in with what I like. I think I maybe need a give away!
I will ponder that and get back to it soon. So now it is all back in the sewing room but hopefully in a much easier to use order!
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GARI said...

Getting organized can sometimes be painful and/or full of surprises. I find that every year or two I need to spend some time reorganizing, if for no other reason than to reacquaint myself with all of my fabrics and toys.


Cathie! Very impressive! I love it! I'm trying not to be envious. (smile)