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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday for us

Lot's happening here on Saturday but no pictures to show LOL
This morning I got up early and made a loaf of bread in the bread machine cause I forgot to do one with the timer last night. I sure wish I could figure out how to keep it from having a funny top...like it rises too much and then bakes that way. I have been reducing the yeast since we are at a high altitude...almost 5000 feet and it is still doing the funny flat top. Anyone who uses a breadmachine got some advice?
Went back to bed...smiles... and DH and son A got up and went to a "gun show" in Sandy. A came home with some vinyl albums...for the covers as he found 3 Kiss and one Pink Floyd...and some things to hold bullets for one of his guns. Makes it easier not to have to load just a few at a time he says. They brought home some corn and homemade tamales from a farmer's market and the chicken one they brought me was very yummy. Nice flavor and not overwhelming with the masa!
I am spending much of the day scrapbooking trying to get in the rhythm again. So far just 5 pages but that's OK I am working on it LOL
For now son A is at work...finally he has a job...and DH is in SLC with his siblings for a get together at Liberty park and I am sure they will talk about their memories of childhood and family there. I think H told me one of his Aunts and Uncles lived near by and he remembers time spent at the park.
So that's our Saturday...the grass needs mowing because A hasn't had the time or so he says but better long and green than short and brown! LOL

Back to scrapbooking for me and hopefully I can share a page or two later

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Joanna said...

The bread - don't cook it in the bread machine - you can let it all mix up in there, then take the dough out and make any fancy shape you want (I usually do a nice rounded blob lol!) and put it in the oven! Plus that way you don't have the ugly hole in the bottom :)