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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Goes On

 So it's been nine days since our little K was born.  She has been a very good baby from all accounts, sleeps nicely and let's Mommy and Daddy sleep some too.  She lost weight from her birth of 5 lbs a bit under 3 oz down to 4 lbs 13 oz but last check she was back to 5 lbs.  She became a bit jaundiced but it is slowly going away and she won't have to have any more foot sticks to get blood!
She still feels like a little doll or stuffie when I hold her but we have been blessed with her getting a little bit bigger and stronger each day!
 Mommy P mentioned that she would like a few more receiving blankets and I offered to make her a few double layered ones...flannel on one side and cotton on the other.  I got fabric to make three, two smaller ones and then one larger one for later.  It was fun to find girly colors and prints for a change but at least there is more and more cute prints for boys these days. 
 I finally finished the baby quilt last week right after she was born and it is quite large.  I love the pretty colors and soft prints and K's Mommy liked it too!  I might be able to display it in the July Steel Days quilt show depending on how much washing it gets  LOL..that's OK I make quilts for use most of the time and I am glad she will be sleeping under it instead of having it hanging on a wall or folded away in a drawer.
 It is a lovely spring here in Utah and about two weeks ahead of "normal".  I grabbed my camera when Belle and I walked this morning and thought I would share a couple of pictures I took.  I love the pretty cornflowers that are in bloom every where right now.  I know they will be done in a week or so so this will be a way to remember.  Belle looks funny in the picture as she turns around to cheese at the camera!  LOL
It's perfect walking weather now but since it is spring I figure it's "just wait, and it will be different"

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