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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A New (paper)Order

(My paper on it's rack and on the left bottom my stacks, near the top left my "kits" arranged by theme and accessible!)

I have joined in a challenge sponsored by a company that sells a product called
Linkthe Scraprack
The goal of the challenge is to use a different way to organize your supplies.
Instead of what she calls "containerizing" them everything is organized by color or theme. So for example all the things relating to travel are stored together no matter if they are paper, ribbon, brads etc not paper in one spot, ribbon in another etc. Each week she does a webinar and then the challenge. Week one was dealing with paper.
Yeah, I have a lot of that for sure. Luckily I have a rack that I purchased several years ago when a LSS went out of business. I had already had much of my paper divided by color but I had some other paper in different places and needed to color and subject organize that too.
You can see it in the first picture
Still working on more paper I found stashed in a different spot. You can see one of the piles below.

Along with whole sheets of paper I do have a lot of scraps that I find hard to throw away. They were piling up in a small plastic bin and so I went through that paper and divided it by color as well. You can see it stacked in color piles above. I am using some old project pouches that I got as a member of Storytellers Club that I collected as I used up kits. I still have those to deal with but for now they are stored away in their zipper binders. I have a few of the colors in either page protectors or pouches that aren't as nice as my old Storyteller ones are but as I use of those old kits I will then use the pouches in the future.
Today I sorted and discarded paper scraps and then sorted and filed away that pile above.
I find that I have to Make A Mess to get it stored away so that I can find what I want and need without a major hunt and seek! LOL
This week is supposed to be about embellishments but I think I need to finish dealing with the paper before moving on and the nice thing about this webinar is that it is available on demand so that I can catch up later.

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Cynthia said...

Just want you to know I'm reading and appreciating. And I agree completely about making a mess before you can clean up a mess. Nice paper arranging!