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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Little I

Time marches on, or maybe I should say zips along so fast, and Grandson I turned 5 on April 16. He is very much into Lego Star Wars right now so Nana and Papa gave him a new set...only to find out that he already has this set! LOL It's OK he says as he had lost R2 D2 and now he has a new one.
I have been lucky to spend time weekly with I and know a bit about his likes and dislikes
Likes: Lego Star Wars, riding his bike, baking with Nana, the color blue, eating Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli, ABC-123's with meatballs, marshmallows, Capri Sun Raging Waters, his light up shoes, eating snow, doing puzzles, playing Go Fish, mini corn dogs, ice cream cones, deviled eggs and going to Pre-School

Not so much: Brushing his teeth, cleaning up his toys, washing up for lunch time, tortilla chips, and having to share video games with his brothers
Happy Happy Birthday

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