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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is This May?

So...here in Utah we are having a different spring for sure. Mr Creative tracks weather and water for his job and this is going with the trend of every 30 years or so.
Very sad sight this morning where the bird bath is iced up and there is snow on the ground...very little but snow none the less!

On a happier note...I finally talked Mr Creative into buying a swing set for our Grkids to play on so that we can keep them under control in the back yard. So far grson I has enjoyed it a bit but he has been sick and we have had Seattle or Forks weather here so no playing in the rain! LOL Hopefully once the spring gives way to summer it will get lots of use!

Bye the way Happy Memorial Day and a big THANK YOU to all who have ever served and most especially now to those who wait!
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