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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Las Vegas Scottish Festival

Mr Creative and I traveled south in April to spend a long weekend in Las Vegas to see their version of a Scottish Highland Festival. It was really nice weather and we enjoyed outself despite Mr C's still healing broken ankle.
For their opening ceremony they welcomed the Navy Band out of San Diego. It was great to see the boys in their dress whites since all military mostly wear the camouflage ACUs most of the time.

Here is one of the pipe bands at the same ceremony.

There was a whole bunch of both Scottish and Irish dancing it is quite a contrast to see the tradition of the Scottish dancers in their dancing kits and jackets and socks compaired to the glitziness of the Irish dancers with their bright almost neon colors and sequins. LOL
I forgot to take pictures of them
Here is a link to some typical dresses for the Irish Dancers
and then one for the Scottish Dancers
Don't know any of these girls personally but they are very typical of what you would see at the festival!

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