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Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching Up , It's About Time

So, what have I been doing lately instead of blogging?
Plenty but I will admit I have just been a very lazy blogger so there haven't been any updates recently.
I am going to try my very best to do better and keep up!
So, for those of you who know me and my family you are not surprised to see this post I am sure. Of course I bought midnight show tickets for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 and Mr Creative and son A and his friend W and I headed to Lehi, Utah for the show. I went ahead and did the whole 3-D thing. You can see us in our lovely Harry glasses.

Not that many of you will care but here is my kind of short review/report
First of all I am a book person and movies made from books often being a disappointment for me. I love all the details and specific events and it REALLY bugs me when those things are changed for what seems to be no reason at all!...One example will be the reaction of Hagrid as he brings Harry back to Hogwarts after Harry confronts Voldemort in the forest. Also Nagini slithering around Hogwarts chasing people while unprotected from the possibility of being killed and the scene in Hogsmead with Aberforth and the kids and a shortening or at least no explanation of the gathering of characters from former books in the Room of Requirement, and why it was surprising to see them there ...just annoying to me!
Having said that...I thought the movie was a wonderful ending to the series and I love it on the whole. I think the three main kid actors have matured in their roles and I am pleased with the way they brought together many of the characters from the earlier movies and books for the grand ending. The settings and backgrounds are wonderful but in seeing some of the previews and small sneak peeks they are mostly CG which they have done very very well.
I think that now I have a feeling of sadness that this is really the end of it all...no more books and no more movies to speculate about and wonder how it will be shown in the movies.
In my opinion the 3-D was a waste...not sure yet...but I will compare after seeing it in regular D. I didn't really notice anything in particular that stood out because of the use of 3-D.
OK, I seem to be knocking it more than showing love but I will say that I can't wait to see it again and have the DVD to watch over and over again when I want!
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