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Friday, March 5, 2010

A Look at the Design Wall

My gosh! I finally have finished the pieced borders for my Spinning Daisies quilt! My friend CM helped me come up with the design idea and I have been messing about with it for a few months. LOL
Now I will need to figure out how large of a narrow inner border I need in order to get the pieced border to fit and I need to trim and straighten that border first. Then there is the corner issue. I am almost completely out of all the fabrics with the exception of the black and a few of the prints. Not sure what I will end up doing but I can't wait! LOL
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Nedra said...

Very cute quilt and you did a great job on the borders.

KathyB said...

Just passing by to tell you that you have a beautiful blog and you are appreciated. I give you a "beautiful blog award." You can stop by my blog to pick up the award graphic to post on your page. http://kathybslittlecorner.blogspot.com/
PS I LOVE your quilt!

Karen's Fun Blog said...

This is gorgeous!!! Just stunning!! I need to put down my paper and make a few quilts one of these day!! There's never enough time for the fun stuff!! lol!

AMIT said...

I like this design its really good.

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Karen said...

This is probably one of my most favorite of your quilts. I can hardly wait to see it finished. Then you must consider leaving it to me in your will. Unless, of course, you want to give it to me for a birthday gift!!!!! Ha, ha!