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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Since I was sick....

And could only do a little bit at a time the past few days...I used yesterday to make 5 of these darling Easter Eggs I found blog hopping the other day. I had printed off the instructions and template but they sat on the "pile" for about a week tempting me.

Yesterday as my earache was at it's worst I didn't want to do much but sleep and in between naps I first traced and then cut out parts for 5 eggs. Since I have a nice little stash of 30's repros with Easter-y themed prints I decided to make them with some of the prints that would work nice together. Ya' know that almost all those repros go pretty much together so it was just a matter of finding the bunnies and then matching them with another print. However the little birdie print matched with the daisy and turquoise print is vintage given to me by Nanette from Freda's Hive blog when she did a trunk show for the Utah Valley Quilt guild last summer. I thought it was perfect for the little eggs.
Here is the first one partly stuffed and the second ready to stuff...guess what?
I was OUT of stuffing so I had to wait until today to stuff them all! LOL
Here you see my 5 eggs on a vintage glass cake stand
Here they are with the cake stand, and a vintage egg plate along with some pretty paper mache eggs and a few "real" eggs to fill in!
If you look in the center you see my DH's egg cup from who knows how long ago but he is going to be 58 so it is probably at least52 or 53 years old. I am so glad his Mom was a saver of things like that.

I remember eating soft boiled eggs with my Daddy watching him use the spoon to "remove" the top of the eggs and then eating them with toast. I am sure my Mom probably made them often as it is a strong memory for me.
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Nedra said...

Your eggs turned out great. I have an old soft boiled egg cooker from my mother. I'll have to pull it out and blog about it at one point. You've inspired me!

B+B said...

Really cute! I love those. We need those here because real eggs won't stand a chance. Little boy just loves to throw everything. Good thing I have plastic eggs to hide this year. LOL!